This website was started due to the amount of information on our actual DB Cooper forum. things are getting lost in the pages. 

this will be a good information source, and keep things clear and visible. 

I've always been interested in the DB Cooper case since I was a kid. I got started researching the case around the time of Marla Cooper's story came about. since I started looking in to that case I found a lot of problems. That's when I stumbled on

to I was a regular poster of that thread for several years. Dropzone was a good source of information, but 

it had drawbacks. the thread basically turned into an outlet for advertising books by one of the main posters. this poster

also ending up being one of the reasons the thread was locked in late March of 2015. 

In February of 2014, I had enough of the constant bickering on that thread, and decided to start one of my own. this site

runs in conjunction to the original forum started in 2014. the forum itself is a very good source of information, but can get

lost in the pages. this site will be able to lock the information in that will be easily accessible for all. 

This website is brand new, so please forgive the incomplete stages seen in the pages. it will be updated often with all available

facts, and evidence to bring you up to speed with the mystery of DB Cooper. 

A Little "About Us"

EBorn 2014 here

Born in 2013


Feedback is appreciated on any of our sites. feel free to drop us a note telling us "What Do You Think" all feedback, good and bad. it's always our goal to insure the next visit will be better than the last one. 

Born in 2015

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If you are not sure how to do it, just send us a message and I'll show you how.

We Are Popping Up Everywhere

We have a You Tube Channel that was recently started. this will hold our video's we put on our sites from time to time. the link can be found here.

The DB Cooper Forum is the start of our adventures into DB Cooper. this was started back in 2013. the forum is

getting rather large (page wise) so this site was brought into the picture to help keep things easy to access while

while exploring the mystery of Cooper. The link can be found here.

Project 305 is a project that is retracing the flight path that Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305 took during the hijacking that evening. this is also a You Tube channel where our video's are stored from the project. the link

to this channel can be found here.

We also have a Facebook page featuring Project 305. I haven't updated the page in some time. once I have

have brought the page up to speed, I'll provide the link.


We can now be found on WordPress. the site is incomplete at the moment, but should have information by

November. We will keep you informed of our Progress.